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Tips for Parents with children starting school

We know sending your child off to school on the first day can be tough. It is a milestone in your child’s life that signals them moving into a new phase of the childhood. We are here for you and want to share some top tips on how to make it easier for both you and them.

Routine – this is key to making everything run smoothly. Make sure your family know what your routine is, set up a chart so that your child knows how their day will run. Mark on a calendar for your child school days and holidays so that they can see visually what is coming up.

Preparation is key - set out uniforms the night before, make lunch boxes up and have backpacks ready to be packed. This means the morning will be less stressful and can be more about enjoying breakfast together.

It’s ok to be nervous -  make sure your child knows that and knows that it will be ok and they day will be over before they know it.

Make friends in the playground – This doesn’t just apply to children! Children will make friends easily – some they may already know from preschool or nursery. Getting to know parents in your child’s class/year is a great way for you to increase your support network. It is especially handy when you have questions about homework that’s dues or what date the school trip is!

After school never ask the fateful question “What did you do today?”  - the answer that comes back 9 out of 10 time is “Can’t remember”. Instead trying probing questions such as “Who did you sit with at lunch?”, “Who did you play with at playtime?” answers to these type of questions tend to be more lengthy.

The school day for a child is long - By the time you collect your child at the end of the school daythey may be tired and hungry. Try having a snack ready for when you get home and let them relax for a bit before dinner.

Make the most of quality time together in evenings and weekends. Time spent with family is important and helps create lasting memories. Perhaps plan a weekend away so can escape the everyday life at home and enjoy some time as a family to relax. Check out our weekend packages that mean that the grown-ups can relax while the kids have fun!

We are sure you will all be fine once the first few weeks have flown by and you have found your groove with your own routine. If you find yourself with more free time since your cherubs have started school make sure you reward yourself for a job well done - check out family breaks for upcoming holidays, book yourself a spa day or just have a nap!